een concept dat uitgaat van delen

delen van fysieke zaken, kennis, ervaring en tijd, maar vooral van informatie

Corona Kroniek






New and current additions:

Psychedelics, an update

The Guru list, comparing spiritual teachers in a very detailed way

The psyche, mask and inner child, detailed approach to how our personality works with lots of data about historical figures

The psyche d e li c s compared in the psimatrix, unique matrix of substances and their effects

The Solar Crisis and 2012, what is about to happen?

What have pyramids to do with the solar crisis

Al Gore and his move towards World Ecological leadership and is this a good move? I doubt it!

Al Gore as the new prophet, or is he the anti-christ??

The climate change swindle documentaire

Gold, what does it mean (in Dutch)

Magic wands a special tool for Reiki and magical work

Fire ritual, a treatise on ritual and the role of fire

Book of Juda, new bible discoveries